Lodge 49 - Season 1

A comedy series that follows Dud, a young ex-surfer whose family exposed to some bad crisis that have ended up with a collapse of the family business. Dud then walks without destination till reaching a rundown fraternal lodge where he meets Ernie, the plumbing salesman who gets closer to Dud and quickly they become friends live comedy events together.
Duration: 45 min
Quality: HD
Release: 2018
IMDb: 6.6
Genre: Drama Comedy
Country: United States
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  • Lodge 49 S01E10
    Will be available: 08-10-2018
  • Lodge 49 S01E09
    Will be available: 01-10-2018
  • Lodge 49 S01E08
    Will be available: 24-09-2018
  • Lodge 49 S01E07
    Will be available: 17-09-2018
  • Lodge 49 S01E06
    Will be available: 10-09-2018
  • Lodge 49 S01E05
    Will be available: 03-09-2018
  • Lodge 49 S01E04
    Will be available: 27-08-2018
  • Lodge 49 S01E03
    Available from: 20-08-2018
  • Lodge 49 S01E02
    Available from: 13-08-2018
  • Lodge 49 S01E01
    Available from: 06-08-2018
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Actors Of "Lodge 49 - Season 1"
Critics Of "Lodge 49 - Season 1"
Boston Herald
August 06, 2018 "Lodge 49" is different. That alone isn't enough reason to book a visit.
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August 06, 2018 In its oddly gentle, gently odd and entirely distinct way, Lodge 49 makes as good an argument for the existence of a kind of shabby everyday magic as you'll find anywhere.
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Showbiz Junkies
August 06, 2018 AMC's new series is a breath of fresh air and features a fantastic cast, terrific writing, and a much-needed optimistic story.
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Boston Globe
August 02, 2018 It's a poignant portrayal of the way grief is, to some extent, a form of staying in touch with the lost one.
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Den of Geek
August 06, 2018 One of the hardest things in visual art is creating a universe that feels simultaneously real and also guided by the hand of a capable storyteller. Lodge 49, like Better Call Saul, gets that exactly correct from the very get-go.
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August 06, 2018 I'm down for sharing a cheap beer with Dud and Liz every now and then, but a show needs more than likable characters to catch an audience in 2018.
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August 07, 2018 There's just not enough. Stories like this need to provide more heart more often.
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August 03, 2018 There are so many pleasures in Lodge 49 that it's impossible to list them all here.
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New Yorker
August 06, 2018 The shaggy-doggedness of the story line is impressive given the paucity of plot. As if striving to keep calm enough to meditate, Lodge 49 achieves a freakishly leisurely pace.
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TV Insider
August 06, 2018 Full of weirdness and wonder, Lodge 49 is an odd place to visit, but if you're looking for a true original, you may just want to stay there.
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